Thursday, 31 December 2015

Hey there.. It’s me.. Cancer..

15 December 2015... Worst day for the year 2015... Tuhan je yang tahu betapa hancur nya hati ni... this was the day kitaorg pergi amik results MRI Aisy.. I never thought I would hear it again... Doctor said the cancer is back and active.. and it has spread and showing signs of spreading further.. but he said it is not so aggressive because it took one year from the last MRI for it to spread... he said the lymph nodes near the spine is swollen and melekat to each other.. and the tumour is blocking his right kidney punya output, so kidney sebelah kanan dah mula membengkak sebab ade halangan...

Doctor suggest buat immediate operation... tapi as we already know.. the operation is high risk... so the kind doctor gave us time untuk decide.. sebab Aisy tak symptomatic pun... xde tunjuk apa2 kesakitan or symptom pun.. so macam mana nak decide? Operation tuh can make him paralyse, brain damage, severe blood loss, major complications that could cause him to.... u know...

However, if tak buat operation, slowly mungkin dia punya kidney boleh damage lagi teruk, boleh develop symptom2 lain, cancer tuh boleh spread lagi ke tempat lain and worst case scenario, doctor kata, dia boleh paralyse.. sebab main tumour yang ade tuh dekat spine L2-L5 yang mengganggu pinggang ke bawah.

Sejak hari tuh... theres not a day that goes by yang I tak nangis... last week doctor N call tanya if we have decided anything.. i told him we need to sit down with the head surgeon first before deciding anything coz nak go thru all the details of the surgery IF we ever decided to go along with it..

So far Aisy is doing well.. masih main, makan, lompat2 like a normal kid.. pergi tadika macam biasa... life is good for him now...

I don’t know what to say.. I don’t know what to think.. I don’t know what i feel..

Hari2 tenung wajah dia.. tengok jer dia bila dia bermain... wondering apa nasib dia lepas ni... anakku.. yang sikit pun tak berdosa.. yang sikit pun tak bersalah... yang sikit pun taktau apa yang sedang berlaku pada dia...

Aku pasrah... Aku berserah... apa pun keputusan yang dibuat lepas ni bukanlah dari kami kerana itu semua ketentuan Ilahi.. semuanya daripada Dia.. kerana aku milik Dia.. anakku juga milik Dia... aku cuma mintak keredhaan, keteguhan iman dan ketabahan untuk menghadapi segala ketentuan, dugaan n ujian yang diberi...

Readers, please doakan untuk Aisy Ezkandar... semoga dia kembali sihat tanpa perlu mengharungi apa2 kesakitan dan kesengsaraan dan keluarga kami juga mendapat keberkatan dan kebaikan daripada dugaan ini...

Ibu berserah sayang... Although deep down, ibu sangat berharap Aisy dipinjamkan lama sikit kepada ibu... sebab ibu belum tahu macam mana nak hidup tanpa Aisy...

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Aisy's MRI Scanxiety

Salaam n Heylo dear readers.. 

Please pray for Aisy.. He is having his MRI scan done this coming 1st december......n im having the scanxiety.. The paralyzing fear moms feel in a time period before MRIs and other scans. Time period fluctuates and depends on length of time from last scans and many other factors.

I find scanxiety hits when I am the most vulnerable. This is normally during the middle of the night like right now as im writing.. when sleep has yet to be found or I am suddenly jolted from sleep.. This is when I experience the panic attacks that cause my heart to stutter and a clammy sweat that no fan will cool. Scanxiety also hits us when our child is suddenly sick or something is out of the norm which i worry almost everyday about Aisy eventho it has never been made for public to see... Some call it Mom's Intuition, but for me it is much worse than that.

We suffer scanxiety because we have been on the other side of those scans when we never anticipated we would hear the words, "Your child has cancer." We know the reality that may not be this time, but it has been and it could be again.

Scanxiety is stronger than the faith of even the most devoted. It isn't because we don't have enough faith, but that Satan knows how to use our weaknesses and vulnerabilities to his advantage. He knows how to fill those cracks with doubts and fears.

I would love to say that now the MRIs and CT Scans are over n today I am past the scanxiety attack. But nope! Can't say that. Until I hear from the doctors the official all clear, the fear will remain! 

His results review will be on 15th december.. So i think i will journey thru half of this december with nail biting n sudden tears.. Not forgetting d panic attacks whilst driving.. But God is Great n God is Fair.. N hanya padaNya kita serahkan segalanya.. He knows best! But pls keep Aisy in ur prayers.. N hopefully the results would be that the tumour hasnt grown or by miracle, it has gotten smaller... Thank u n pls keep praying..

Worried Mom

Monday, 2 November 2015

Birthday boy's oncology check up & ultrasound

Salaam n hello ualls... Guess what?? It's Aisy's birthday today!! Hihihi im sure im more excited than he is hahah we had a small intimate birthday party last weekend for him.. But today, is his appointment with the oncologist n also ultrasound scan.. However cheerful we are today.. Dr said the ultrasound showed an increase in the size of the tumour (again)... So i dunno whether to rely on it or not.. Sbb harituh pun camtu gak kan.. So Dr pun ckp, tunggu jelah MRI next month mcm mane.. Since 1st december is appointment MRI dia. So we'll see how..lets pray n hope this birthday boy gets to celebrate many2 more birthdays insyaallah .. 

He is a happy boy today singing birthday songs all day long hahahha .. Nak bgtau org hari ni birthday dia la tewww hahahah

And on his 3rd birthday, thought i'd share this poem i made for him..

Aisy sayang.. This is for u..

To my Little Fighter on his 3rd Birthday
3rd November 2012, was the day u were born,
1001 feelings juggled inside me,
To keep you safe, to myself I had sworn,
No harm would come to you, I’d guarantee.
But God had His own better plan,
I was shattered to pieces when they told me,
Hoping that they were wrong scan after scan,
And finally I accepted of what was meant to be.
You are my one & only, my baby,
They poked, cut and poisoned you,
And I watched as you grow weary,
All I could do was wipe my tears & your vomit on my shoe.
I’m glad those heartbreaking days are over,
Although I still worry everyday if “it” were to come back,
But for now, I’m enjoying my days with my lil survivor,
And I thank God everyday for cutting me some slack.
They said 5 years.
And now you’re 3.
Can’t afford to hold back the tears.
Knowing that you’re still with me.
- Written by Nina Ghouse, for my son, Aisy Ezkandar, Neuroblastoma Cancer Stage Four survivor. 

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Latest update: Aisy turns 3

Salaam and hello dear readers... again my apologies for not being able to write for the past 8 months... there was some restructuring in the office, hence, workload just doubled and by the time i’m free.. dah penat nak write anything..

anyway.. my little fighter is doing well.. from February till now, aisy has had three neurosurgery appointments and three oncology appointments and a few ultrasound scans.. one of the ultrasounds mengatakan there has been some increase in size of his tumour.. tapi doctor takleh confirm coz masa tuh bukan specialist yang buat.. so we had to schedule another round of ultrasound dengan specialist... thankfully the specialist kata it was a false alarm.. howeverrrr... oncologist tak puas hati of course.. and our favourite Dr insisted to discuss with the head of onco and they have decided to have Aisy buat MRI this coming December... for the mean time, supplements yang i masih bagi pada aisy is the snake grass, 4Life transfer factor, habbatus sauda and apricot seed oil..

So far, physically Aisy has been nothing but active.. and sel-sel otak memang sgt2 bersambung.. things that he says make me laugh hari2... and semakin hari semakin manja dgn ibu.. hehehe..

This coming 3rd November Aisy ada oncology appointment and also another ultrasound scan.. and 3rd November is also Aisy’s 3rdbirthday insyaallah..

So pls pls doa that all his scans tidak menunjukkan apa2 increment pada tumour dia yer.. doakan semoga Aisy sihat sepenuhnya dan dipanjangkan umur.. thank u thank u dear readers.. may God bless u and ur family with happiness n health! amin..

meh ibu blanja gambar aisy yg latest yer..


Thursday, 26 February 2015


Hello dear readers, firstly I would like to apologise for being silent for almost 3 months.. it has been quite hectic for me at work and at home.

So here’s an update of what has been going on with Aisy... on 26thJanuary 2015 we got him admitted to HKL at the Neurosurgery Ward for his MRI.. if it were conducted under institute pediatrik tak payah overnight pun. Just come for the day jer but neurosurgery punya procedure lain, kena admitted and stay over a night for the following day punya MRI.. Aisy is now 2 years 3 months.. and u know la what they say about toddlers being two years of age right? So yeah Aisy doesn’t know how to sit still, not even for 5 minutes.. hubby and i are glad for he is active but worn out bila asyik nak kena kejar jer huhuhu...

So anyway... we didn’t have the admission form, we only had the letter they sent us few months back informing us of the MRI date. So kena lah pegi ward, amik admission form, then drive back to the emergency area to register... after almost one hour of waiting to register, and hubby kena pusing hkl tak tau brape round hehehe sian dia.. kitaorg decided to go for breakfast first because bukan nak rushing pun masuk ward since the MRI is the next day kan... so masa nak pergi breakfast, ade lah drama suami isteri... nangis2.. bla bla bla hahahhaa anyway... lepastuh we went to the ward..

So they put us in this one room with empty beds and kitaorg jer dalam tuh, so lega la sikit sebab takde org kan... well at first i thought la... N this is aisy mengenang nasib hehehe

then suddenly they moved us to the next room yg dah penuh coz there was one empty bed.. then tak sampai 5minutes. Moved us to another room... the old room where we used to stay the last time.. uuurrrghhhh... angkut lah brg2 lagi... i was quite pissed la tapi sabor jelah...

So we waited...... n waited.... n waited.... then i asked the nurse.. is there anything that we r supposed to do here? She said oh wait, let me check kul brape MRI dia esok... then she said oh ok, hari ni tak buat ape2 bcoz his MRI is at 1.00pm tomorrow. So nak check darah and masuk line semua buat esok pagi.... and i’m like ???!!!!!... so uall suruh kitaorg masuk pagi2 untuk TAK buat ape2 lah ek? When i told hubby, dia lagi bengang... so we asked when is the doctor coming coz kitaorg nak balik... like seriously, duduk tak buat ape dgn aisy duk ngamuk2 nak ke sana sini.. lari2 dlm ward..jerit2... while the other neuro ward patients terlantar atas katil with tubes coming out of the heads... kesian diaorg... 

So we waited n waited again... for the doctor... he’s in surgery, so kena lah tunggu... aisy and ayahnyer dah pegi tido kat kereta sebab aisy dah takleh nak duduk dlm ward dah...then i think around 5pm.. the doctor came... so i call hubby suh masuk balik ward... then after doctor asked me few questions.. i said to him, “i have a request.. can we go home..since theres nothing to do here today and we’ll come back first thing in the morning tomorrow around 7am..?” he called his boss and he said okay, we can go...dia ckp kalau awal2 dia tau kitaorg nak balik, he would have let us go earlier... hmmmmm anywayyyy a whole day is wasted doing nothing ... great...

Morning of 27 January 2015.... kul 7pagi dah terpacak kat ward... around 9am... nurse suruh bawak aisy to the bilik rawatan nak cucuk tangan... of course ayah dial ah bawak, anak ayah kan... menjerit2..teriak abisss... ingatkan skejap jer macam kat institute pediatrik... but it took them like 20minutes!! Gila lama nak pasang line... he was crying for full 20minutes! Mula la hati ni geram.. then finally after dah siap... tgk aisy dah mula la nangis tarik2... tengok tangan dia dah bengkak2.. belah kiri belah kanan... banyak bekas needle poke yerrr... eeeee marahnyerrr ...kalau diaorg apologise and ckp elok2 takpe.. ni kerek2 plak... hubby ckp, dah lah, lepas ni xnak masuk ward ni lagi...

Then the time came for us to go to the MRI place.. i think it was around 11am kot.. aisy kena duduk atas stretcher to transfer him there.. mmg x larat la if ibu or ayah nak angkat dia and Jalan sejauh2 alam tuh... letak dia atas stretcher dia dah meraung2... sedih..trauma semua cukup... alahai anak ibu...

After a long fast walk to the MRI centre, aisy pun tertido lepas dah nangis2.. nasib baik dia tido sampai lah turn dia untuk masuk scanning... 

they gave him sedation... sekali x cukup... dua kali pun x cukup... kena tukar sedation kuat skit.. i don’t remember the name of the drug, all i remember is it was white in colour... terus konk out....

After about 40minutes, Alhamdulillah selesai semuanya... then we went back to the ward.. tapi aisy tak naik stretcher coz they had to use it for someone else.. aisy kena duduk atas ibu dia and ibu dia duduk atas wheelchair hahahah...first time i naik wheelchair... mmg segan dengan attendant yang tolak wheelchair tuh sebab dia sgt kurus dan saya sgt bam bam hahahahah...kesian kat dia... but no choice... coz aisy tengah lalok, xleh nak jalan or carry... and so... aisy pun recovered from the drugs...minum, makan macam2..lapar kesian.. puasa since pagi lah katakan... 

then later that evening we got discharged.... tunggulah 12 February 2015 for the MRI results... urat2 leher mula lah tegang..


12 February 2015... 10a.m.... We went in to see the doctor... first he displayed the new films, then the old films to see the difference... 

“hmm.. it looks like there’s a change... it looks a bit bigger than the last one..” “duppp..!!” jantung sudah jatuh... then he took out a piece of paper that shows the lab results of the MRI.. the ACTUAL RESULTS!... dan dgn senang lenang doctor ckp, “oh but it says here, the tumour remains UNCHANGED...I’m sure they are right since they have the tools to measure it..” seriously??? Bagi jantung i jatuh tak pasal2, then say it’s unchanged? Haihhhh...xpe  xpe..syukur2...sabar2... then as usual la the doctors asked us about doing surgery on it n all that... then i told them our decision about not going into surgery remains UNCHANGED.

But of course.. the surgeon had to have his last words and said.. “Well alright then, but if the cancer’s gonna spread fast”.............Well, thats only for God to know isn’t it?

Anyway.. despite the lil drama... hubby and i are truly thankful to God and to those who have prayed for Aisy’s well-being... We can never repay your kindness... THANK YOU!

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Learn more about the treatment you put your child through

Killer cancer treatment: How toxic chemotherapy kills both cancer cells and cancer patients

"If cancer specialists were to admit publicly that chemotherapy is of limited usefulness and is often dangerous, the public might demand a radical change in direction—possibly toward unorthodox and nontoxic methods, and toward cancer prevention. ...The use of chemotherapy is even advocated by those members of the establishment who realize how ineffective and dangerous it can be." - Ralph W. Moss, author, The Cancer Industry

Imagine that you own a house that is absolutely perfect and beautiful with all the necessities, except that it has some rodents inside. When you call the exterminators, they tell you that they won't be able to target just the rodents, as these rodents are of an especially stealthy breed. They tell you they're just going to set off a series of explosions in your house that may kill the rodents. They warn you, "Oh yeah, it may destroy some of your house in the process, but, hey, you want those rodents out of your house, right?" There's probably no way you would allow that; instead, you would do some research and find other, more specific and less generally destructive ways of getting rid of the rodents.

The allegorical exterminators' logic makes no sense; yet, it's the same logic that doctors who prescribe chemotherapy follow. Like the exterminators' explosions, chemotherapy doesn't exclusively target cancer cells; it also harms your good cells, destroying some of your body – your "house" – in the process. As a result, many chemotherapy patients lose their hair, develop immune deficiencies, lose weight and vomit. Chemotherapy poisons your body as a whole in an attempt to kill the cancer cells before the "treatment" brings your body to an unrecoverable state.

As Gary Null and James Feast write, "(After chemotherapy,) the hope is the cancer is going to be totally dead and you are only half dead and recover." Unfortunately, some people are more than "half dead" after chemotherapy and remain damaged for the rest of their lives, no matter how long or how short that life may be. They never realize that according to many alternative health practitioners, there are safer ways of combating many types ofcancer.

Former chemotherapy patient Anne explains in Michio Kushi's and Alex Jack's book, The Cancer Prevention Diet: "My mind rebelled at the thought of another six months of that poison. On several occasions, the doctor couldn't perform chemotherapy treatments on me because my white blood cell count was dangerously low. I promised my body I would not undergo any further chemotherapy treatments."

Anne's account reflects the feelings of all too many cancer patients who have suffered through months of often debilitating chemotherapy. The side effects that chemotherapy patients feel and others see – the extreme nausea and vomiting, the hair loss, the weight loss – are indicative of the intense havoc that chemotherapy is causing within the body. According to the Life Extension Foundation, chemotherapy drugs are "cytotoxic," meaning that "they kill cells that are extremely active." Cancer cells are, of course, extremely active. However, so are the cells of the hair and the immune system, for example, which accounts for chemotherapy's destructive side effects.

As if these side effects are not enough, cancer therapy commonly includes surgery and radiation, both of which have their own dangers and side effects. As Professor Null writes in his Complete Encyclopedia of Natural Healing, "The mainstream medical establishment often prescribes mastectomy, radiation and chemotherapy to treat cancer, an approach that has been described as a slash-and-burn strategy." The treatment for breast cancer is unfortunately often the general rule among cancer treatment – cut off the affected organ, poison the body with chemotherapy and then harm the body even more with radiation.

In Get Healthy Now, Professor Null describes one woman's experience with mainstream medicine's approach to breast cancertreatment: "Three days later, she had her breast lopped off. That was followed up with lots of chemotherapy. Her hair fell out and she vomited 24 hours a day. She couldn't keep any food down. Then they did radiation and her skin burnt up and two of her ribs broke." He concludes, "Most people don't know how dangerous radiation is. I had seen enough. I wouldn't touch any of that medicine with a 10-foot pole." Surgical removal of the cancerous body part also has its own aftereffects, of course, requiring not only the normal recovery after any surgery, but also coping with the psychological effects of having a body part removed.

It may all be unnecessary in the first place

As cancer patients suffer from the side effects of chemotherapy and other methods of mainstream cancer treatment, the fact remains that according to many medical practitioners, these treatments are unnecessary and sometimes do more harm than good. In response to chemotherapy's many side effects, Dr. Atkins says in Burton Goldberg's Alternative Medicine, "Only in situations in which chemotherapy is proven to be effective and curative would I recommend it. In general, this might be testicular cancer."

Many people also think that surgery can sometimes do more harm than good: Biopsy, for example, may in fact spread cancer cells, according to Professor Null. Furthermore, the most extreme example of unnecessary cancer therapy – treatment for false positive cancer diagnoses – is more common than we'd like to believe, according to Critical Condition authors Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele.

If, as many people believe, mainstream cancer treatment is sometimes ineffective and always harmful to the body as a whole, then what is the alternative? Goldberg writes that Ukrain, which is made from the alkaloids of the greater celandine plant and the pharmaceutical Thiotepa, "can do everything chemotherapy does but without the side effects, so it renders chemotherapy largely unnecessary." The beauty of Ukrain is that it, unlike chemotherapy drugs, it only targets the cancer cells and not your healthy ones. Furthermore, good nutrition – vitamins, minerals, fiber, fresh fruit and vegetables, juices and medicinal herbs – can do wonders against cancer. Of course, you need to discuss a treatment plan that is right for your type of cancer and your body with a medical professional, preferably a naturopath. But before you say yes to chemotherapy, remember what it does to your body and consider all available treatments.

The experts speak on chemotherapy:

"Chemotherapy poisons your body as a whole in an attempt to kill cancer cells"

As Duesberg explains, AZT had been designed to work as would any other chemotherapeutic drug. "chemotherapy," he says, "is a rational but desperate treatment for cancer." The toxic drug given in the process will kill any and all growing cells in the patient. After a short round of chemo, "the hope is the cancer is going to be totally dead, and you are only half dead and recover." Duesberg points out that the dangerous violence of the method, which is slaughtering cells wholesale, not targeting only cancer cells, is evident in the side effects. "You lose your hair, you lose weight, you get pneumonia, you get immune deficiency, because it's severe cellular intoxication. You kill a lot of good cells, too." 
Aids A Second Opinion by Gary Null PhD with James Feast, page 429

"How chemotherapy harms your body"

In September 1986, Anne decided to stop chemotherapy despite the opposition of her oncologist. "My mind rebelled at the thought of another six months of that poison," she observes. "On several occasions the doctor couldn't perform chemotherapy treatments on me because my white blood cell count was dangerously low. I promised my body I would not undergo any further chemotherapy treatments." 
The Center Prevention Diet by Michio Kushi & Alex Jack, page 131

Other treatments, with significant side effects, are being investigated for more serious forms of the disease. Immunosuppressive drugs that have been used for cancer chemotherapy and organ transplants may reduce the autoimmune response. These drugs are cytotoxic; that is, they kill cells that are extremely active, which in autoimmune disease are white blood cells. 
Disease Prevention And Treatment by Life Extension Foundation, page 1373

Nausea is usually a passing symptom that will almost always go away by itself. In most cases, I recommend natural remedies for nausea because they are often as effective as some of the prescription antiemetic drugs, but they do not cause unnecessary side effects. The only exception to this rule, however, is in the case of cancer patients who are receiving chemotherapy; the kind of intense nausea they may experience can be so severe that stronger measures may be needed. 
Secret Remedies by Earl Mindell RPh PhD, page 204

"The tri-fold approach to mainstream cancer therapy"

The mainstream medical establishment often prescribes mastectomy, radiation, and chemotherapy to treat breast cancer, an approach that has been described as a slash-and-burn strategy. This approach may be in for a reappraisal with the recent insight by the medical world that breast cancer is actually three different diseases, with indistinct boundaries, rather than one. In other words, only some breast cancers fit the image of a disease that is fast-growing and fast-spreading. Two other categories of this condition exist, the slowest-growing of which may never spread or be life-threatening at all. With this realization comes the idea that giving everyone with breast cancer chemotherapy may be unnecessary. Considering the harmful effects of chemotherapy, the belated nature of this realization is disturbing, to say the least. 
Complete Encyclopedia Of Natural Healing by Gary Null PhD, page 72

Dr. Atkins regards chemotherapy as otherwise dangerous and best avoided in treating the majority of cancers. Only in situations in which chemotherapy is proven to be effective and curative would I recommend it, he says. In general, this might be testicular cancer … 
Alternative Medicine by Burton Goldberg, page 595

Three days later, she had her breast lopped off. That was followed up with lots of chemotherapy. Her hair fell out and she vomited 24 hours a day. She couldn't keep any food down. Then they did radiation and her skin burnt up and two of her ribs broke. Most people don't know how dangerous radiation is. I had seen enough. I wouldn't touch any of that medicine with a 10-foot pole. 
Get Healthy Now by Gary Null, page 762

I try never to use radiation treatment -- which is even more dangerous than most forms of chemotherapy -- without also using hyperthermia, says Dr. Atkins. Thanks to hyperthermia, we can shrink tumors with far less radiation to get the same therapeutic outcome, and our patients' immune systems and overall health are faring much better as a result. 
Alternative Medicine by Burton Goldberg, page 609

If prostate cancer develops, mainstream medicine typically offers prostatectomy, or removal of the prostate, chemotherapy, and radiation. All are ineffective and often dangerous. Surgery, like biopsy, can actual spread cancer cells, and often decreases sexual potency and urinary control. PACT, a prostate support group, advocates hormonal blockers to induce cancer shrinkage, which may hold the disease at bay for several years, followed by a prostatectomy or cryosurgery (freezing of the prostate). The most common hormonal blockers are Lupron and Fludamide. As prostate cancer is generally slow growing, patients, especially those in the early stages, have time to try less harmful methods of treatment. 
Complete Encyclopedia Of Natural Healing by Gary Null PhD, page 308

Rufer and her husband sued Abbott Laboratories, UWMC, and the cancer specialist who treated her. UWMC and the doctor argued that they had relied on the Abbott test results. Abbott denied all responsibility, even though the literature distributed with its tests made no mention of the potential for false positives. What's more, according to a court opinion, it turned out that Abbott also had access to reports that false positive results on its assay led to unnecessary cancer treatment before 1998. It received over forty complaints of false positives, including multiple complaints of unnecessary chemotherapy and surgery before Jennifer Rufer's first treatment in April 1998. 
Critical condition by Donald L Barlett and James B Steele, page 63

To reduce the need for steroids, immunosuppressants such as azathioprine, 6-mercaptopurine (also used in the treatment of some cancers), or cyclosporine may be substituted. Various chemotherapy agents and organ transplant antirejection drugs are also used. Again, these medications have their own problematic or dangerous side effects. Therefore, thoughtful consideration of a treatment plan coordinated by the patient's physician is required. 
Disease Prevention And Treatment by Life Extension Foundation, page 614

The diagnosis of bilateral lung cancer was confirmed by x-rays, a CAT scan, and a lung biopsy. Like Dr. Meshad, the physician at the center recommended against chemotherapy. Ruth's prognosis was not good: the cancer was aggressive and her history of liver disease made the use of chemotherapy dangerous. 
Sharks Still Don't Get Cancer By Dr I William Lane, page 155

"Alternatives to chemotherapy and other forms of mainstream cancer treatment"

In other words, alternative therapies may pose a serious threat when a patient, if swayed toward alternatives, loses the opportunity to receive the (extremely) effective orthodox treatment? Run that by me again. Time and time again it has been confirmed that the proven medical treatments are not only ineffective but dangerous. The vast majority of patients with cancer live longer and better if left without the orthodox treatments. Oncologists will not accept these treatments for themselves. No scientific research is needed to prove that fresh vegetables, fruit, juices, medicinal herbs, vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc. are not harmful to the body. It would be nice if there were proof that surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy were not harmful. 
Health In The 21st Century by Fransisco Contreras MD, page 224

Finally, if cancer specialists were to admit publicly that chemotherapy is of limited usefulness and is often dangerous, the public might demand a radical change in direction—possibly toward unorthodox and nontoxic methods, and toward cancer prevention. By constantly touting the promise of anticancer drugs, orthodox practitioners ward off this challenge to their expertise and scientists parry the threat radically new concepts represent to their long years of research. The use of chemotherapy is even advocated by those members of the establishment who realize how ineffective and dangerous it can be. 
The Cancer Industry by Ralph W Moss, page 84

Learn more:


Childhood cancer treatments cause permanent damage to children's heart

(NaturalNews) Assuming that they even survive their treatments, children with cancer whose parents send them down the path of conventional chemotherapy and radiation could end up suffering a life of heart disease. These were the inferred findings of a new study recently presented at the American Heart Association's (AHA) Scientific Sessions 2013, which found that conventional cancer treatments severely damage children's hearts and make them more prone to developing early heart disease.

It has been known for some time that survivors of childhood cancer have a significantly increased risk of developing heart disease as adults. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) admits that, in the 30 years following cancer treatment, childhood cancer survivors are an astounding eight times more likely to die from cardiac-related illness and 15 times more likely to be diagnosed with congestive heart failure compared to the general population.

But now it has been shown for the first time that these risks increase in the short term as well. Children with cancer who receive chemotherapy and radiation are much more prone than their non-cancer counterparts to develop signs of heart disease early. Symptoms can include things like stiffening of the arteries, as well as an overall decline in arterial function.

"Research has shown childhood cancer survivors face heart and other health problems decades after treatment," says Dr. Donald Dengel, Ph.D., a professor of kinesiology at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis and author of the new study. "But researchers had not, until now, looked at the heart health effects of childhood 
cancer treatment while survivors are still children."

Dr. Dengel and his team looked at 300 boys and girls between the ages of nine and 18 for his study. Each of the children had survived at least five years beyond the time of his or her diagnosis for either leukemia or cancerous tumors. Assessments were made of artery stiffness, thickness and function among all the children and compared to those made of more than 200 healthy siblings without cancer.

Upon analysis, the team found that the cancer survivors who underwent conventional treatments were significantly more likely to exhibit signs of early heart disease compared to their healthy siblings. According to the data, the treatment group experienced a roughly nine percent decrease in arterial health immediately after completing 
chemotherapy, compared to the non-cancer group.

"Given this increased risk, children who survive cancer should make lifestyle changes to lower their cardiovascular risk," adds Dengel, whose study has not yet been published in a peer-reviewed journal. "Health care providers who are managing chemotherapy-treated 
childhood cancer survivors need to monitor cardiovascular risk factors immediately following the completion of their patients' cancer therapy."

Official guidelines for heart health flawed; eat plenty of natural fats and avoid grains, sugar

Unfortunately for these childhood cancer survivors, the official recommended guidelines for lowering cardiovascular risk are inherently flawed. Federal dietary standards still erroneously recommend that people avoid saturated fats, for instance, and consume plenty of whole grains. And little mention is made of the serious dangers associated with consuming refined sugars and flours, another high-risk factor in heart disease.

"[Saturated fats] help to raise beneficial HDL cholesterol, improving your triglyceride/HDL [high density lipoprotein] ratio -- a key marker of cardiovascular health," writes integrative cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra in his piece "Heart Myth Debunked: Saturated Fat Isn't the Enemy." "Saturated fats also help to change your LDL [low density lipoprotein] cholesterol pattern, from small dense particles that can clog your arteries to large 'fluffy' harmless LDL particles."

Sources for this article include: 

Learn more:

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

For the children..

“It's the action, not the fruit of the action, that's important. You have to do the right thing. It may not be in your power, may not be in your time, that there'll be any fruit. But that doesn't mean you stop doing the right thing. You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result.” 
Mahatma Gandhi


Hey guys.. as u all know.. September was Childhood Cancer Awareness month… so hubby and I did some awareness campaign of our own.. I want to thank my friends & family who have helped and supported me in this campaign.. to my dearest hubby for believing in me and putting up with all these activities.. and also a million thanks for those out there who showed that our effort is not in vain by putting on the Gold Ribbon…  Jutaan terima kasih!!

These are pictures taken at The School, Jaya One on 21st September 2014 where we handed out the flyers n gold ribbon pins.. The management was very helpful, supportive n kind.. Tq guys!! 

These are pictures taken at Ruang @ Subang where we did the distribution on 28 Sept 2014. Million thanks to my good old fren, Adriana Thani for allowing us to conduct the campaign there.. Xoxo

And last but not least, my sweet sweet man took the streets and gave out the leaflets from house to house in the middle of the night.. While i wait in the car.. Admiring him from a distance heheh u can't really see him in this pic.. It was dark..

But the journey does not end there.. A lot more work needs to be done.. A lot more people to network with.. 

Many people say..

“Why are you doing this?”

“Do u think these small gestures gonna make any difference?”

“Do you think anyone would care?”

“This is Malaysia laa.. Malaysians don’t care what happens to others unless it happens to them

Well, these statements did let me down but i keep telling myself..  “Lyn, u’ll never know when that one small step forward will make a big difference, so why not just take that step?”


"When the lives and the rights of children are at stake, there must be no silent witnesses." - Anonymous